Getting Started

Welcome! The Women’s Small Business Initiative (WSBI)is a virtual meeting of the minds designed to assist women who aspire to become an entrepreneur, and women who own small businesses in both innovative and practical ways. Providing engaging, informative, exciting, modern and clever tools and resources for your success!


WSBI was created to ensure women who owned small businesses become successful. Having the ability to share, learn, and network with others is a must while in business. The opportunity to attend every networking event can become cumbersome when you’re running a business.

The WSBI online platform increases your visibility amongst the other WSBI members, creates an avenue for conversations, business coaching and mentorship, virtual training on the most up to date small business information, live networking events so members can meet each other and a yearly gala where members can honor the small business of the year.

When you become a member, you will be able to set up a personal profile to connect with other women owned businesses. You can customize your experience by following specific content topics and joining groups to help you on your business journey. 

Once you've set up your account, start getting the most out of our community:

1)     Complete your profile page. WSBI members have their own personal “My Page” on the site where they can tell other members about themselves, upload photos, videos, blogs and events. Make your “My Page” your online hub by sharing your success, challenges, business advice, and direct others interested in you and your work to check it out!

2)     Post a blog or article on your page. You have your own blog ready to go on your “My Page,” don’t miss the chance to use it! People that follow you will be alerted when you post, and if you have written something you think the whole community could benefit from, let us know.

3)     Explore the groups. Groups are a great way to connect with members who share your interests. In groups, you can pose questions, start discussions, and leverage the power of the community to get the knowledge and inspiration you need.

4)     Stay connected! Follow WSBIon, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, where WSBI will share what’s going on in the WSBI Community.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Start networking today anywhere around the country with some of the most creative, innovative and successful women owned businesses of today.